word up!

an all-purpose term of agreement, soli-darity, greeting, etc. (inspired by 'word of honour' or 'the good word'), which appeared first in black street culture of the late 1980s and subsequently in rap lyrics, where it was used as a form of punctuation. Someone asking 'word up?' is making the informal greeting 'How are you today and what's happening, my friend?' In the UK The Word was adopted first as the title of a radio programme on the station Kiss FM and then for a contro-versial TV youth programme of the early 1990s.
► 'What do you think?' 'Word'.
► 'Enjoying wide usage this winter is my fa-vourite word "Word", which formerly had the sense of "listen" (as in "Word up, man, you be illin "').' (Charles Maclean, Evening Standard, 22 January 1987)

Contemporary slang . 2014.

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